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Since release 0.2.2, the neon engine includes a game data editor. The editor is in the standard download and has the same requirements and installation instructions as the game. Please check the player section for more information. Starting the editor is done by double clicking the editor.jar file, or by opening a shell window, going to the game directory and typing java -jar editor.jar.
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Loading game data

When starting the editor, the screen will be blank. Go to file » load and choose which game you want to edit. One sample game is already included, in the file darkness.jar. Choose this file to see an example (making a new game is not supported yet, only adapting an existing one).
Game data can be in a directory or in a jar file. You can try this by unpacking the jar to a directory and then loading this directory in the editor. The engine itself can also run with a jar or a directory (this can be set in the neon.ini file).

Saving game data

All changed game data is stored in a temp directory. This is done because java does not support changing an existing jar file. Unfortunately, this means that after modding, all changed data must be copied back to the original location manually.
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