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System requirements

The neon roguelike engine is written in the Java programming language. It needs the Java Runtime Environment 6 or equivalent to run. This also means that it should be able to run on any system that supports this runtime.

Concerning hardware, development is done on my laptop. It has 8 GB of ram, a Core 2 Duo P8600 processor and a Geforce 9800M GTS graphics card. Anything similar or better than this should be able to run the engine. As it is a turn-based game, processor and graphics are not that important, but a good amount of ram might be needed for the big maps supported by the engine.

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Downloads are provided by SourceForge. You have several options:
  • Subversion: The latest development versions of source and data files are available from an SVN repository. If you just want to play a game, this is probably not your best option.
  • Full package: This file contains all files necessary to run a sample game. Source code for every new release can be found in the svn repository. This is probably the file you want if you've never used the engine before. It contains the engine and editor .jar files, all necessary libraries and game data files.
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The installation is very simple:
  1. Make sure you have the right Java Runtime Environment.
  2. Download the engine binary, data files and libraries (see previous topic).
  3. Open a terminal window, dos window, command prompt or whatever it is called on your system and go to the directory containing all the neon files.
  4. Type java -jar neon.jar and the engine should start.
  5. Alternatively, instead of the previous two steps, windows users can just double click the neon.jar file to start.
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How to play

After starting the engine, you will see a first screen with some options. Choose an option with keyboard or mouse.

New game

Follow the instructions on screen. Your mouse will also work. A name is required for now. It must be unique, so if there is already a saved game with that name, it will not be accepted. A profession is not required. The other options don't have much effect for now, except changing the color of your character.

Load game

Any saved games are available here for loading. Choose the game you want to load with keyboard or mouse.

Playing a game

Use the arrow keys or your numpad to move around. If you run into a friendly npc, you will be asked what you want to do. Hostile npcs will always be attacked. To pick something up or use something (like a door or portal), use space. Pressing m will show the world map. pressing j will show your journal with all your stats, quests and spells. To access your inventory, press ctrl. To look around, press l and use the arrow keys. Press space while looking around to do something (like closing a door). To shoot, talk, or cast a spell, press s, t or g and pick your target with the arrow keys. Then press s, t or g again.
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